2021 Mentoring Sessions (Weeks 14 – 58)

Week 58: The Pincushion Effect: The Multiple Monument Dilemma in American Land Surveying

Week 57: Measurement Errors: Behaviors & Analysis (Part 2)

Week 56: Measurement Errors: Behaviors & Analysis (Part 1)

Week 55: Manned/Unmanned Aerial Photogrammetry, Mobile LiDAR, Terrestrial-based LiDAR Data Acquisition

Week 54: Cave Surveying in the Lehman Caves

Week 53: Exam Prep Session – Horizontal Curves with Homework

Week 52: RTK Accuracy and How to Calculate Using Excel

Week 51: Prescriptive Easements and the Land Surveyor

Week 50: Creating a local Trig-Star program for your local area & new outline testing process

Week 49: COGO / Traverse computation including adjustments and area calculations

Week 48: Adverse Possession and the Land Surveyor

Week 47: Standard of Care for Boundary Surveys

Week 46: Boundary Presentation on the Rules of Construction

Week 45: Encroachments on Real Property

Week 44: Hiring for Success

Week 43: Presentation on Legal Descriptions

Week 42: Professional Expert, or Expert Professional

Week 41: FS or PS Exam Open Session

Week 40: Surveyor’s notes for Plats

Week 39: The Surveyor in the role of an expert witness

Week 38: Open Session for Anyone Taking the FS/PS or CST Exams

Week 37: CST Application and Exam Process How To

Week 36: 2nd Annual Women Surveyors Summit Details

Week 35: Micro-Networks

Week 34: FS / PS Exam Open Session

Week 33: Evolution of Early American Survey Equipment

Week 32: Protest and Appeal Protest from the State of Alaska

Week 31: The Value of Sports Marketing

Week 30: Fundamentals of Surveying, Exam Study Manual

Week 29: An Overview of NCEES

Week 28: Understanding and Litigating Riparian Boundaries

Week 27: Proper Planning for Ownership Transition

Week 26: GIS Opportunities for Surveyors

Week 25: Data Collector – Trips and Tricks for Field Codes, Linework, and Stepped Offsets

Week 24: GNSS-Derived Orthometic Heights

Week 23: Surveying with Robert Martin, PS

Week 22: the Transition from Direct to Indirect Measure and the Electronic Age: BLM Alaska 1959 – 1989

Week 21: ALTA / NSPS Land Title Surveys – the 2021 Minimum Standard Detail Requirements

Week 20: Geomatics Operator – Basic Training for Field Operators

Week 19: Best Principles and Practices for Construction Layout

Week 18: Field Note Forms & Total Station Operations Principles

Week 17: Health and Safety in the Surveying Workplace

Week 16: The Challenges of Running a Survey Business

Week 15: Risk Management for Professional Surveyors

Week 14: The Business Aspects of Land Surveying

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