Tanya Hopper, CDR, CIR, Associate Director of Talent Acquisition for the ATWELL Group, presents on the topic of Mapping Your Own Success. A surveyor’s guide to career planning and strategically navigating the job market. Down below are some topics that are going to be discussed during the presentation:

How to identify the best organizations to work for

– How to make yourself discoverable to recruiters and potential employers

– Tips for resumes, interviewing, networking, and LinkedIn

– Leveraging and developing soft skills for leadership advancement

– Maximizing your lifetime earning potential

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  • First, as a newly licensed Surveyor I would like to thank you for putting out such good information. Mentoring mondays and Wednesday Wisdom have been great way for me to grow as a surveyor. I have only worked for one surveyor and I have grown to appreciate other’s options. Is there anyway to segment about reviewing surveys. I would like to better understand how other surveyors review drafts. I am sure everyone does it different. The Florida Board of surveyors provides a checklist that some surveyors use I would imagine more experienced surveyors compile there own checklist. I think it would be useful for other young surveyors as well.