2022 Mentoring Sessions (Weeks 59 – 98)

Week 98: Monument Preservation

Week 97: Simultaneous Conveyances – How & Why They Are Created

Week 96: Writing and interpreting legal descriptions

Week 95: Preparing for Expert Testimony

Week 94: Conflict Resolutions, Pt. 2

Week 93: Conflict Resolutions, Pt. 1

Week 92: Quadratic Formulas

Week 91: Rules of Retracement

Week 89: Personal Finances / 401k contributions

Week 88: Review Purchasing Contracts for Business Assets “ROI”

Week 87: Rules for Construction (For the FS/PS or CST Exams)

Week 86: Boundary Re-Establishment Case Discussions

Week 85: Water is a four letter word

Week 84: The Benefits of LiDAR and GPR in the build environment

Week 83: Von Schmidt’s Lines “Putting California On The Map”

Week 82: PLSS Single and Double Proportion (for the FS/PS or CST Exams)

Week 81: Riparian Boundaries

Week 80: PLSS Breakdown for FS/PS or CST exam takers

Week 79: The Unique Aspects of Pipeline Survey – Federal Rules, Corporate Accountability, and Required Safety

Week 78: SUE vs 811 – How to follow the levels of SUE investigations

Week 77: Vertical Curves – FS/PS/CST Exam Prep Session

Week 76: Geospatial Marketing Advice & Get Kids Into Survey Update

Week 75: The History of the Original Texas Survey System

Week 74: Horizontal Curves (for the FS/PS or CST Exams)

Week 73: Leadership & Leadership Styles

Week 72: A Board of Licensure Case Study

Week 71: Fundamentals of Writing Land Descriptions

Week 70: Drone Office to Field Workflow

Week 69: New Signals in Space Revisited – An overview of GNSS Technology currently in orbit

Week 68: RTK/RTN User Topics – The evolution and advances in real-time GNSS

Week 67: CFedS Program Update

Week 66: How to Reduce Liability to You and Your Business

Week 65: The Dilemma of Ethics

Week 64: Business Operations as a LLC

Week 63: Contracts – The Standardized Contract for Land Surveying Services

Week 62: Creating Better Request for Proposal’s for Land Surveyors

Week 61: Advertising & Marketing in Surveying

Week 60: Project Management Software QFactor for Surveyors

Week 59: Why Standard Business Processes are Critical to the Success of Your Land Surveying Business

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