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Professional Land Surveying: Then, Now, and Where Are We Headed?

The landscape of the licensing requirements for the land surveying profession has changed dramatically over the past decade. In this article, I will take an in-depth look at where the Nevada Legislature has brought us today, current trends of the profession, and the direction our future actions might take us. Prepared by Trent Keenan

ALTA Surveys from the “Other Side of the Table”

As land surveyors, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day work and not stop to look at the big picture. But after a long and successful career, Jay Kay Seymour can say with certainty that there is value in stepping back and looking at your business from a different angle – the client’s perspective. Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter

Saving surveying: What does it take to get people involved?

In almost every state, the number of licensed surveyors is dwindling in comparison to the number of surveyors who are projected to retire in the coming decade. Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter

The Concerns of Young Land Surveyors

When you get bit by the surveying bug, it’s safe to say that you’re bit for good. Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter

Field note Fundamentals: How to Prepare Them & What to Include

Field notes: love them or hate them? Paper or electronic? Clear-cut process or wild west? Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter

Practical Management of Field Surveys

Managing field surveys is challenging. And the bigger the organization, the more chaotic it can get. With multiple crews, dozens of jobs, and varying equipment needs, it can be a lot to keep track of. Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter **An abstract of a Mentoring Monday’s presentation from November 16, 2020

A Surveying Makeover: 8 ideas for attracting and training new talent

Today there is an overriding question facing the land surveying profession: how do you attract new surveyors and train them well? Numerous articles in this publication have chronicled the dangers of an impending surveyor shortage as experienced professionals retire in the coming years. Prepared by Trent Keenan & Kristina Poulter **An abstract of The Geoholics Podcast Episode #86 from June 20, 2021

Women in surveying: How empowering women will empower the profession

In any given state across the USA, women surveyors account for approximately 3% of the surveying workforce. Given that small percentage, it’s hard to believe that the number of women surveyors has skyrocketed in most states since 2000. Prepared by Trent J. Keenan, PLS, Anna Rios, RPLS & Kristina Poulter **An abstract of The Geoholics Podcast Episode #83 and Mentoring Mondays Week #36

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