About Mentoring Mondays

 Do you ever wish that you could have a weekly cup of coffee with like-minded surveying professionals? We are here to tell you that you can do just that – by participating in the virtual Mentoring Mondays program. 

This fantastic program is a weekly Zoom meeting featuring live Q&A’s on your favorite surveying topics. Every Monday, the forum is hosted by a rotating series of guest speakers who are among the best in the surveying business.

Think of Mentoring Mondays as the weekly “office hours” of the surveying profession. The meeting room is open and available to anyone in the profession who is looking to stay informed on current industry topics and trends or just needs a little more help understanding a specific topic within the profession.  

Recent Mentoring Monday topics include “Practical Management of Field Surveys” with Landon Blake. PLS, “Star*Net Adjustments” with Tony Cuomo, PLS, and “Drone Surveying 101” with Logan Campbell, CEO of Aerotas. A full lineup of exciting topics is planned for the year ahead. 

Register for the free weekly meeting with the click of a button on the Mentoring Mondays website. Are you interested in attending but cannot make the meeting? All meetings are video-recorded and uploaded to the website upon completion so that you can watch past meetings at your convenience. However, we encourage live participation; after all, this program was created to be a live and interactive Mentoring Program. 

While college students and young surveyors will benefit enormously from this program, do not assume that the word “mentoring” means this program is just for 20-year-olds. Instead, think of Mentoring Mondays as a free professional conference that goes on all year long. 

Anyone in the surveying profession will benefit from these weekly meetings and the chance to network, stay informed, and bounce ideas and questions off of fellow land surveyors.

In addition to the weekly video feeds that are uploaded to the website, the site contains a wide array of podcast and book suggestions that any surveyor will find interesting and valuable. 

So, whether you are a freshman in college or a 50-year Professional Land Surveyor looking to contribute your wisdom and experience, we hope to see you at the next installment of Mentoring Mondays! 

If you are interested in being a featured guest speaker on Mentoring Mondays, or you need help with a specific topic, please contact [email protected] 

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