As if you didn’t have enough land surveying in your life already, here is a nice list of all of the surveying books we find useful. We will continue to build this list! (This is a work in progress!

Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam, 4th Edition

NCEES Principles and Practice of Surveying Practice Exam

Surveyor Reference Manual, 7th Edition

Surveying Solved Problems, 5th Edition

Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law

Errors in Practical Measurement in Science, Engineering and Technology

Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics 15th Edition

Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms

Boundaries and Landmarks: A Practical Manual

Adjustment Computations: Spatial Data Analysis

Writing Legal Descriptions

Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location

The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Writings and Lectures of Curtis M. Brown, Professional Land Surveyor

Geodesy (De Gruyter Textbook)

GPS for Land Surveyors

Water Boundaries

Surveying Measurements and their Analysis

Adjustment Computations: Spatial Data Analysis

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