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Week 45: Encroachments on Real Property

Presented by Dean D. Exline, PLS – Dean will be presenting on Encroachments on Real Property. So how does the game of soccer correlate to property encroachments...

Week 44: Hiring for Success

Charles Pecchio from Kingston Capital Corp. presents on HIRING FOR SUCCESS – Every time you make a hiring decision, you are playing “You Bet Your Company” Topics:...

Week 43: Presentation on Legal Descriptions

Aaron R. Smith presenting on additional Legal Descriptions. Aaron Smith brings more than 30 years of experience and will provide additional information to help you...

Week 41: FS or PS Exam Open Session

Led by Dr. Joseph Paiva — Open Session for anyone taking the FS or PS Exam and any solo land surveyor looking for help on that boundary issue or business problem...

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