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Week 73: Leadership & Leadership Styles

This week we have a very busy Gary Kent, LS, back and presenting on one of my favorite topics!!! Leadership and Leadership styles. This week the topic will be on: Anyone...

Week 72: A Board of Licensure Case Study

This week we have Amanda J. Allred, current NSPS President (back), for another presentation about a Board of Licensure Case Study. This is not a topic we all like to...

Week 70: Drone Office to Field Workflow

We have Michael Tartaglia from Sitech will be presenting on Drone Office to Field Workflow. Mike has a lot of resources available through his website. Mike’s site...

Week 67: CFedS Program Update

This week we have another excellent presentation by the recently appointed Panel Chair for the CFedS program, Glen Thurow, PS, CFedS. For those of you either in the...

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