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Week 131: Datums & Reference Frames

Jacob Heck, PLS, presents on Datums & Reference Frames: The Past, Present, and Future of the NSRS. SummaryState Conferences, Attendance, and NGS UpdatesJacob, Trent...

Week 128: Titles & Rights

Title and Rights for those taking the FS/PS or CST exams Presented by: Dane Courville, PLS

Week 127: Spiral Curves

Presented by Jerry Mahun, PLS and Moderated by Trent Keenan, PLS

There is some homework to do before this session.

Week 125: Kompass BMS

Kai Duebbert presents on Kompass BMS, a cutting-edge Project Management software for Surveyors. Zoom AI Summary: SummaryCompass BMS Software Challenges and Mentoring...

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