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Week 98: Monument Preservation

This week Ron Nelms will be presenting on Monument preservation. This is a hot topic out west! Survey monument preservation aims to safely protect and perpetuate survey...

Week 95: Preparing for Expert Testimony

This week we have Ron Nelms, PLS, back and will be presenting on – Preparing for expert testimony. If you followed along with weeks 93 and 94, I think you will...

Week 94: Conflict Resolution, Pt. 2

PART 2 – RESOLVING BOUNDARY AND TITLE PROBLEMS We will start the discussion with a review of the authority of the land surveyor and the effect of the land...

Week 93: Conflict Resolution, Pt. 1

John B. Stahl, PLS, CFedS will begin with a review of the fundamental aspects of evidence relied upon by the surveyor to determine boundary locations. The court’s view...

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