Rob McMillian, PLS, EIT, provided us with a great presentation on Errors and Theroy. This is Part 1. 
A few highlights from tonight’s meeting.  

As part of the this discussion tonight, there was talk about building your library. Here is a few links to a few of the books mentioned tonight:

Adjustment Computations: Spatial Data Analysis 6th Edition

Writing Legal Descriptions Fourth Edition

Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles 7th Edition

Evidence and Procedures for Boundary Location 6th Edition

The Curt Brown Chronicles: The Writings and Lectures of Curtis M. Brown, Professional Land Surveyor

Elementary Surveying: An Introduction to Geomatics 15th Edition 

Here is a couple links that Heather found tonight that you might find useful as well:
International Journal of Science and Research

What Is a Least Squares Adjustment Anyway?

Understanding  Least Squares Adjustment For Conventional Measurements

POB: Surveying Using Least Squares

Dropbox Link for Week 4 Assets: